3D Modelling Software Review

As the field of 3d graphic design is popular and demand more than ever, a choice of 3D modelling software became very varied and enormous. In this review, we prepared the best variants for working with 3D graphics.

What Benefits Have 3D Design?

For the last several decades, 3D modelling became a leader in the design field. It’s not surprising as it provides plenty of advantages. 3D modelling offers everything to make a product maximum accurate. Moreover, it offers the best conditions for a designer to visualize their idea as best as possible. In this way, it exceeds 2D design as the last one can’t provide as much to visualize, see, and check as 3D one.
Another great feature of the 3D design that makes it much useful as 2D modelling is effectiveness. To check different angles of a model in 2D, it is required to make a model for every view. Accordingly, there will be much more work and effort in comparison with 3D modelling. It offers a possibility to develop all the views within one project and one model. Besides, 3D software is much user-friendly and modern-fashioned.

The Best 3D Modelling Software

The variety of 3D modelling software is pretty big. Each of them provides different functions and possibilities. As a result, different software has different benefits that can be useful for one designer, but unnecessary for another. We’ve prepared the list of the most popular and common software that use in the graphic design field:
• Autodesk Maya – one of the most popular 3D modelling software that offers numerous 3D tools. The amount of such tools is enormous and many of them (maybe even the majority) maybe never be used by you – everything depends on your aim of using such software. Also, it’s not user-friendly and very complex. So why it is so popular? Because it provides everything possible for 3D graphic design. It is perfect for the animation and VFX industries. The software is well optimized and if you are working in the 3D modelling field seriously, it’s a pretty good choice.
• Houdini – another popular software that is often used in modern movies, TV series, and so forth. Using this software, designers get a powerful platform for creating great 3D images. Nevertheless, it is quite complex to use as well. Users can try a free version with all the functions to get how it works and decide if this software features them or not.
• Cinema 4D – offers a user-friendly interface, so it is good for both experienced designers and beginners. Moreover, it provides numerous instructions and guides on its functions. Besides its common functions, a user can download plugins to expand the range of its possibilities. The software is oriented to a large audience and is a good one for starting a 3D modelling career. Unfortunately, the free trial version doesn’t provide a full pack of available functions and options of the paid version.
• Blender – the most famous open-source application for 3D modelling. The number and quality of its function are as good as paid software. It performs pretty well and a large audience chooses it as the main tool for graphic design. The software is well optimized, flexible, and supported by numerous artists who upgrade it for themselves. It’s fully free, but still an amazing and well-appreciated program.